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About Us

The project was born in 2016 from the stubbornness and entrepreneurial spirit of two young people who begin to broaden their horizons both on products and on new materials, always remaining faithful to respect for the environment and its quality.

The range of items has reached an unparalleled "price list" ceiling, always paying attention to the needs of the market and the environment, caring for and using only carefully selected paraffin, cottons and perfumes: lead-free cottons, careful choice of non-toxic paraffins and meticulous control of the production process guarantees only high quality products.

The company has managed to make the generational change an opportunity for growth; year after year, investments have allowed the export and distribution of products in Italy and in various European markets. The wide consensus found confirms the valid company philosophy.

Specialized and qualified collaborators, constantly updated through continuous training, allow us to optimally use the machinery available for the realization of the Ceri. The greatest strength of our company is the commercial organization, able to respond to any customer need throughout the national and international territory.

The business concept focuses on the search for cutting-edge materials and technologies, for the maximum satisfaction of our customers and with due respect for man and the environment. The clarity with which the feasibility of a commissioned work is highlighted allows us to aim for ever new goals and work horizons.

We see ourselves as an example of a company that reflects our way of thinking and acting. It must be a stimulus and a guide for us to continue on the path of success. Everyone participates. The better the collaboration, the greater the success. Thus we build the foundation for the future.